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Precision Machining Services

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S and S Machine™ is a leading supplier of custom machining services, precision prototyping, short and long run manufacturing. We work with a broad range of materials, including steel, aluminum (and other non-ferrous metals), as well as all types of plastics.

We provide custom parts for the automotive, fitness equipment, technology, and healthcare industries, among others. Our quality and service commitment drives our high levels of precision and flexibility.

We work from your 2D drawings and 3D CAD files. Need help getting your idea or sketch into a CAD format? No problem – with our in-house CAD capabilities we can put your concept into machining-ready format. Contact us today to discuss your project with us.

CNC Machining

We make CNC-machined parts from prints meeting your requirements and expectations of quality and service.


Our workflow relies heavily on our strict quality-control processes to ensure your parts consistently meet your specifications.

Custom Parts

We excel in custom parts, and we're leading the industry in turnaround times, pricing, and short-run quantities.

Quality is conformance to requirements, both specifications & expectations.

-Stuart Reis

S and S Machine is located in Smithfield, Utah. We have been machining high-quality custom parts for over 35 years. While our approach constantly evolves, we always take great pride in our work. Our processes will continue to change with advancements in technology, but our highest commitment has always been to our customer, and that will never change.


anodized aluminum parts

Anodized Aluminum Parts

mid-sized CNC parts

Mid-sized CNC Parts

small 1-Inch aluminum part

Small 1-Inch Aluminum Part

We often get the jobs that other shops claim are impossible.

-Stuart Reis

82 W. 300 N.
Smithfield, UT 84335

(435) 563-1477


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